About Us

Great Waters Maritime LLC

Great Waters Maritime LLC is a renowned Engineering Consultancy and Project Management firm distinguished for its groundbreaking and adaptable solutions in the Marine, Oil, and Gas sectors. With a focus on delivering comprehensive services, Great Waters has emerged as the premier company for engineering and project execution from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Founded by industry veterans boasting over 30 years of experience in the marine and offshore oil and gas industries, Great Waters has gained widespread recognition as a prominent service provider in the Global Maritime Industry.

The company's headquarters are strategically located in Dubai, UAE, complemented by branch offices in Abu Dhabi, Kochi, and Baku. Great Waters operates through three specialized divisions: marine, offshore oil & gas, and project management.

We offer a wide range of engineering consultancy services, encompassing Naval Architecture, Structural Engineering, Marine Engineering, and Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering. Additionally, our expertise extends to offshore installation engineering and salvage support for marine, oil, and gas projects. Our project management services cover the entire lifecycle of marine and offshore oil and gas projects, including concept development, design, installation, and commissioning.


Our marine capabilities include the basic and detailed design of jack-up barges/rigs and various types of ships. We specialise in detailed analysis of jack-up rigs/ barges, jacking structure, spud cans, helidecks, and crane foundations, as well as barge and vessel conversion/upgrade. We also offer engineering design services for electrical, mechanical, and marine systems.


Our Offshore division can provide engineering support for Load-out and transportation of Jackets, Topsides, Modules, Subsea Pipelines, Risers and Subsea Structures. Engineering support for offshore installation of Jackets, Topsides, Subsea Pipelines, Subsea Cables, and Subsea Systems. Naval Architectural Calculations, Vessel spread mooring analysis, Tanker Mooring Analysis for STS operations, Mooring System design, Jacket Launch Analysis, Upending Analysis, Engineered Lift Analysis, Dual/Tandem Lift Analysis, Float-over Analysis, Subsea docking Analysis, and dynamic response analysis are among our areas of expertise. We are also specialized in providing engineering support for decommissioning of Offshore platforms, bridges, Flare towers and other subsea structures. We can design jackets, topsides, LQ, bridges, and other structures.

Project Management

Great Waters offers project management services for shipbuilding, salvage, refurbishment, and installation of marine and offshore assets. We can quickly deploy a team to any location on the planet where the project calls for it.